The Mauryan Empire is marked for its great achievements in art, culture, architecture and literature, since the period of King Ashoka led to the base of sculpturing art of India in later period. Some of Ashoka's edicts carved on pillars and rocks made out of shafts of sandstone, represent the earliest known stone sculptures in our country. Features of Mauryan sculpture characterises the usage of rocks as building materials. The concept of religious sculpture was also predominant during the Mauryan Empire.In fact it has often been pointed out that the use of cut stone in the religious sculpture first came into vogue in the Mauryan era. Mauryan sculptures have been dominated by Buddhist temples and caves. Sculpture: Mauryan and Shungan. India's Mauryan period 324–185 b.c., which opened with the martial conquests and diplomatic matrimonial alliances of Chandragupta Maurya r. 321–297 b.c., culminated in the creation of a mighty Mauryan empire in the last quarter of the fourth century b.c. India emerged as a vast united continent, thanks to Chandragupta's son Bindusara reigned c. 297. The Mauryan art were related to work process of daily life and were not much exclusively produced for a privileged group of society. They are found in the form of rod paintings, terracotta, figurines, toys etc. Gradually art work, manufactured by specialist craftsmen, came to be produced for exclusive purposes.

Nov 27, 2009 · Asoka's pillars represent the best of Mauryan art. These are built out of single rocks and bear capitals decorated with animal, bird or human figures. The Asokan pillar at Sarnath from which independent India has adopted its state emblem is a major work of art. Our history of India art actually begins with the advent of the Mauryas. The Mauryans were great builders and love of the monuments and Pillars structure even today. Chandra Gupta’s buildings, Palaces and monuments were mainly made of woods and therefore, have not survived. Discuss the Mauryan art and Architecture. State the characteristics of the mauryan sculpture - 3210131 Cultural stonework in India - in the form of primitive cupule art - dates back to the era of prehistoric art of the Lower Paleolithic, around 700,000 BCE - see Bhimbetka Petroglyphs Auditorium Cave and Daraki-Chattan Rock Shelter, Madhya Pradesh. Dec 17, 2013 · Mauryas.However, Asoka tried to use it in a much wider sense. His Dhamma was a code of moral duties, benevolent acts and freedom from passions for an individual. It comprised personal, social and moral virtues. The principles of Dhamma were such as could be acceptable to people belonging to any religious sect. What characteristic did the Mauryan and Mughal empires share? a.Both helped spread Buddhism. b.Both helped spread Islam. c.Both embraced the idea of religious tolerance. d.Both were begun by Aryan people I think either a or d. asked by chloe on March 19, 2015; SS. What changes did the Aryan migration bring to India?

Gupta Period: Temple, Sculpture, Art and Schools.The art of the Gupta period is marked by a deep spiritual quality and a vision which tries to record the higher and deeper truths of life. While the early Gupta period shows an emphasis on Hindu art, the climax of Buddhist art, with all the previous tendencies combined into a classical statement. Discuss the chief characteristics of the Patna kalam painting. Critically examine the chief characteristics of Mauryan Art. Critically examine the salient features of Pala art. Identify the main features of the Mauryan Art as found from Bihar. Give a description of the main features of Pala Art in Bihar.

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